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08:50 -
Chairman's welcome
09:00 -
The modern lawyer kit bag: Brand, trust & mobility
Neira Jones, FBCS, Chairman, Global Advisory Board, CSCSS; Chairman, Advisory Board, Ensygnia
  • Modern practices in the digital age & technology innovation: Can law firms strike the right balance to manage risk?
  • Trusted client relationships & privileged access: What can law firms do to avoid being perceived by cyber criminals as the under-belly of the supply chain?
  • Increasing compliance & regulatory complexity and tightening client due diligence requirements: What is the key to success for the 21st century law firm?
09:20 -
Key security risk areas for law firms
John Yeo, EMEA Director of SpiderLabs, Trustwave
  • Highlighting the threats targeting sensitive data within the enterprise: How organisations are being compromised today and what risk factors are associated with data compromise
  • Demystifying state-of the art-attack methods uncovered as part of our data breaches investigations: How to learn from the unfortunate mistakes of compromised entities
  • Examining your security posture and proactive security activities of other enterprises
  • Review real-world security research, placing the most common weaknesses under the microscope
09:40 -
Driving security-aware behaviour: a case study from Vodafone
Luisa Gentile, Security Awareness Transformation Manager, Group Corporate Security, Vodafone
  • Employees- "biggest problem" or "greatest asset": ensuring that security becomes part of everyday employee behaviour
  • Vodafone's new approach: setting up and managing a security awareness transformation program
  • Looking to the future: successes, challenges and failures in improving security-aware behaviour
  • Worldwide awareness: the international challenges of ensuring security awareness in an organisation with multiple locations
10:00 -
Intelligence-Driven Security – A New Model
Rashmi Knowles, Chief Security Architect EMEA, RSA
  • Evolving Attack Surface, what has changed in recent years
  • Why Security is not working!
  • Intelligence Driven Model and making better use of your budgets
  • Planning your journey to get to the new model of security
10:20 -
Education Seminars - Session 1 
Delegates will be able to choose from a range of seminars:
Ensuring the attorney-client privilege: attacks and security measures in a mobile-driven legal world
Presenter: Ohad Bobrov, CTO and co-founder, Lacoon Mobile Security
Integrity in Transit
Presenter: Anna Russell, Sales Director, Security Matterz on behalf of Check Point SW Technologies
View more details here.
10:55 -
Networking Break
11:25 -
Case Study: How Intrum Justitia carried out a pragmatic, but effective group wide information security risk assessment
Tony Hibbert, Deputy CIO, Intrum Justitia
  • Risk assessments:  Surely there has to be an easier way..
  • Intrum Justitia Case Study:  Using SANS 20 Critical Security Controls in a Group Wide Security Assessment
  • Techniques to keep the risk assessment practical
  • Should I use SANS Critical Security Controls in my law firm’s risk assessment?
11:45 -
How does a large firm protect itself in today’s climate of complex and coordinated cyber-attacks?
Mark Hughes, CEO, BT Security
  • What BT is seeing in terms of security attack trends
  • The top ten essential things to consider when assessing risk
  • Take a look back at how BT protected the 2012 games and how some of the lessons learned are now being used to protect other organisations
  • What might cyber-attacks look like going forward and how should we be protecting ourselves?
12:05 -
Evidence – the best weapon in the legal firm’s fight against information risk
Chris Dye, VP Alliances, Glasswall Solutions
  • Empirical evidence of the relative risks of every file received, sent or held in storage: Changing the conversations you have with your business about investment, compliance, and controls
  • Discussing how visibility of risk at a file level can be the key to informed discussion and decision making around information security, standards and compliance
  • Risk visibility: Increasing the protection of your information assets from even the most sophisticated malware attacks
12:25 -
Education Seminars - Session 2
Delegates will be able to choose from a range of seminars:
Hack the board: Achieving C-Level support for cyber security in five steps
Presenter: Stuart McKenzie, Senior Consultant, Context Information Security
Integrity in Transit
Presenter: Anna Russell, Sales Director, Security Matterz on behalf of Check Point SW Technologies
View more details here.
13:00 -
Lunch and Networking
14:00 -
'There's daggers in men's smiles': Where is information security taking us?
Simon Moores, Vice President, Conservative Technology Forum; Managing Director, Zentelligence
  • Policies and Privacy: can they coexist comfortably in the workspace of 2014?
  • Real and Imagined Threats: has the changing nature of information risk caught us by surprise?
  • Clouds and Devices: Who owns our secrets?
14:20 -
Reducing the attack surface with micro-virtualisation
Ian Pratt, Co-founder and SVP of Products, Bromium
When you leave this session you will…
  • Recognize the limitations of detection to defend against sophisticated attacks
  • Understand the developing role of virtualization in information security
  • See a pragmatic way forward for securing client devices
14:40 -
ISO 27001 – A platform for success
David Prince, Director Delivery - IT Security, Schillings
  • The current law on Data Protection in the context of a law firm: what do we mean by “appropriate technical and organisational measures”  - Principle 7, Data Protection Act
  • Critical changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation: what big changes might we expect to see in the near future regarding to Data Protection and Information Security 
  • ISO 27001 as a platform to being successful and secure - implementation guidelines and experiences: why should law firms be implementing a standard such as ISO 27001?  How can this be achieved, with minimal disruption, minimal cost and maximum acceptance? 
15:00 -
Networking Break
15:30 -
Supply chain security: get ahead of the client
Simon Saunders, Management Consultant, Portcullis 
  • Where your more risk-adverse clients expect your security to be
  • How these client expectations may differ to your own expectations and the key steps in closing the gap
  • Highlighting strategies for an effective response to such questionnaires or audits
  • Providing insights into a long-term solution to address growing client scrutiny
15:50 -
Executive Panel Discussion: Security today and tomorrow
  • Alan Jenkins, CISO, Babcock International
  • David Prince, Delivery Director - IT Security, Schillings
  • Tony Hibbert, Deputy CIO, Intrum Justitia
16:20 -
Close of Conference