Education Seminars

NEW! Hack the board: Achieving C-Level support for cyber security in five steps

Presenter: Stuart McKenzie, Senior Consultant, Context Information Security

What will attendees learn:

Hack the board: Achieving C-Level support for cyber security in five steps
  • Briefing the board on the cyber threats to your business
  • Understanding how well prepared you are for an incident
  • Gathering evidence to support the hypothesis that you have been compromised
  • Talking about your problem with others in your sector and your clients
  • Setting and understanding your goals in order to work towards a strategy

NEW! Integrity in Transit

Presenter: James Druce, Account Director at Check Point SW Technologies

Addressing your security challenges behind data security and taking a closer look at how to protect your clients’ confidentiality using leading edge Check Point technology.

In addition to the good practice, you may carry out a risk-based assessment of your information security requirements to develop detailed policies and procedures that will satisfy the overall objectives of the information security policy. Check Point and Security Matterz can offer a free Risk Based assessment. Join our education seminar to learn more.

What will attendees learn:
  • A risk-based approach to information security, involving the identification of the firm's information assets
  • How to identify threats to those assets, their likelihood and impact
  • Ways to reduce, avoid or transfer risk

NEW! Ensuring the attorney-client privilege: attacks and security measures in a mobile-driven legal world

Presenter: Ohad Bobrov, CTO and co-founder, Lacoon Mobile Security

Mobility plays an increasingly important role in the enterprise, but particularly in the legal world. It’s vital for conducting business and addressing pressing issues in a timely manner. Solicitors and advocates are constantly on the move from meeting to meeting, with their smartphone or tablet in hand; confidential information, such as M&A activity, sales contracts and emails, are often accessed through mobile devices, while a lot of undocumented sensitive information, such as legal consultancy matters and negotiations, are conducted via mobile phones.

All the data stored on or flowing through these devices is at risk if strong security measures are not in place. Law firms need to protect themselves from mobile targeted attacks that circumvent traditional mobile security measures to take control over a device, including its surveillance sensors and software, to eavesdrop, steal and compromise sensitive data.

In this engaging session, we demonstrate the threats posed to mobile devices and discuss the measures that law firms should take to embrace mobility, without fear.

What will attendees learn:
  • How to recognise the increasing role of mobility within the legal sector and the corresponding security challenges
  • How to understand practical mobile targeted attacks and their legal ramifications – e.g. eavesdropping and recording customer meetings, exfiltrating data on M&A-related activities, and retrieving client contracts sent by email
  • How to enhance mobile protection measures to securely adopt a mobility strategy within the firm