Event Format

With plenary sessions and a dedicated series of education seminars that form part of the main agenda, this event provides practical strategic, tactical and technical knowledge to information security stakeholders on how to manage threats and overcome challenges. Networking opportunities are provided over the course of the event during refreshment breaks and a buffet lunch.

Plenary Sessions Education Seminars Networking Breaks

Key Themes include:

Crossing the capability gap: identifying sensitive data, meeting client expectations, and becoming compliant
  • Establishing a baseline for the minimum level of information security capabilities in the law firm
  • Identifying more precisely what information you hold, what data is sensitive, and what data must be prioritised in the security agenda
  • Understanding what security measures are required by the client in order to maintain a successful business relationship
  • Becoming ISO27001 accredited and compliant
Protecting against accidents: improving user awareness within and beyond the IT department
  • Establishing measures to mitigate the risk of accidental and malicious insider threats
  • Creating better and more flexible security and training awareness programmes
  • Spreading awareness of data sensitivity in all forms across the business
Mitigating third-party risks: testing, monitoring, and auditing the Cloud and third-party providers 
  • Understanding the depth of a third-party’s security and establishing the extent to which they need to be tested by a law firm
  • Improving auditing methods for the third-parties, such as pen testing, and ensuring ISO27001 compliance
  • Examining the risks of moving infrastructure and data to the Cloud, from jurisdictional issues to borders between customers’ data on a host site
Facilitating a secure environment: stopping users from circumventing controls 
  • Utilising real-time log monitoring and alerts to survey user activity
  • Enabling secure file transfer for large, sensitive documents
  • Reviewing applications, which allow for information storage in the cloud
  • Securing your BYOD endpoints